A3 pen plotter. There are 3 available.

Read the manual first (this is a summary)

  1. Move the AxiDraw to its Home Corner.
  2. Plug in power and USB cables.
  3. Clip in your pen, with height just above the paper.
  4. Position your paper with its upper-left corner below the pen tip.
  5. In Inkscape
    1. Extensions > AxiDraw Control. Go to tab setup. Click the Toggle pen between UP, DOWN option. Click apply to toggle the pen down and back up to check the correct vertical movement.
    2. Extensions > AxiDraw Control. Go to tab Plot and click Apply to start plotting.
      1. Each visible layer will print.

For single line fonts, check Inkscape Extensions > text > Hershey text

Download the manual here

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