Lulzbot Taz 6

Max Build Volume: 280 x 280 x 250mm

Park Position (for use with the pause-at-height-script)
X = 290
Y = 280

Insert after this line: M117 TAZ 6 Printing… ; progress indicator message on LCD

;added code by post processing
;current layer: 0 
;current z: 0.200000 
;pause_by: H 
;current_temperature: 205 
M83 ;Set E relative
G1 Z5.000000 F300
G1 X0.000000 Y258.000000 F9000
G1 Z180 F300
M84 E0
M104 S180 ; standby temperature
M0 ; Do the actual pause
M109 S200 ; resume temperature
G1 Z5.000000 F300
G1 X166.558000 Y96.693000 F9000
M82 ;Set E absolute
G92 E0.000000
  • Get a stretchy kind of fabric. Lycra seems to work well. More details are coming
  • Create a vector drawing with max dimensions of 25x25cm.
    • A combination of lines and gaps seem to work well.
    • Fully closed shapes won't change the curvature of the fabric after printing.
    • Export as SVG file
  • Make a 3D model from the vector file
    • Use Fusion 360 or Blender for ex.
    • extrude the shapes vertically 0.3mm
  • Slice in Cura
    • If the drawing is only lines, try minimizing infill and up the amount of walls for cleaner lines.
    • slow down the initial layer speed to 8mm/sec
    • Export the G-code
  • Post process the G-code
    • Open the gcode in a text editor and add this 'pause before print' snippet to it.
    • Save and put on an SD card
  • Print
    • Change filament
    • Run the G-code (Menu item print from SD)
    • When the print head moves up and the printer pauzes, stretch the fabric over the build plate
      • Clamp the fabric with small clamps around the bed. Be careful to not move the print bed. The motors are de-energised and the bed can accidentally be moved by hand. We should look for a fix.
      • Check that the fabric or clamps won't bump into things or trigger the limit switches.
      • When ready, click resume
      • While the printer head moves down, manually push some filament into the print head to prime the nozzle. Put a scrap piece of paper under the nozzle to catch any molten plastic that squirts out.
      • Lock the feeder into place just before the printer starts
      • Go into Tune > Z-offset to be ready to change the distance of the nozzle to the fabric if the print won't adhere properly.
  • The printer underextrudes after ±10 - 15 minutes.
  • Check your belt tension
  • Wipe down the smooth rods (no lubrication)
  • Blow out the fan/control box while powered down
  • Lubricate Z-lead screw
  • Check the set screws on the stepper motor pulleys and the small gear on the extruder, tighten if necessary. Use of a mild thread locking compound is acceptable.
  • Examine the threaded rod couplers. TAZ users should make sure the hose clamps are tight.
  • Verify that any frame screws are tight.
  • Check for software updates. Update Cura LulzBot Edition at Slic3r can be found at and Printrun can be found at
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