Formlab Blender introduction

Being able to look and move around in the 3D viewport intuitively is necessary to work in any 3D application.
Orbit: rotate around a point.
Pan: move the scene without rotating.
Zoom: see more or work on details by zooming in and out.

You can use the user interface gizmos on screen but this is a little slow. Shortcuts are faster.

Shortcut Function
0 Camera view
1 Front
3 Right
7 Top
Numpad . or personalized key Frame selected
press scrollwheel  Orbit
Alt + left mouse button  Orbit
Alt + shift + left mouse button  Pan
Scroll wheel Zoom

No numpad?
Change preference: Edit > Preferences > Input > Emulate numpad
Use the numbers on the top of your keyboard instead. You might have to press shift if you have azerty for example.

Also, set a custom shortcut for 'Frame Selected': View > Frame Selected, Right mouse click: change shortcut (for example ;)

Don't like pressing the scrollwheel to orbit?
Change preference: Edit > Preferences > Input > Emulate 3 button mouse
Then orbit by pressing alt + left mouse button

Unique behaviour: with an object selected, press a shortcut, move mouse, press Enter to commit, or escape to cancel.

Shortcut Fuction
G Grab (move object around)
R Rotate
S Scale
Option + G Reset move
Option + R Reset rotate
Option + S Reset scale

Accept transformation: Press enter.
Cancel transformation: Press escape.

Constrain to global axes:
Press the X, Y or Z key once after a transform shortcut.
For example: G + X + enter (move on the global x-axis).

Constrain to local axes:
Press the X, Y or Z key twice after a transform shortcut.
For example: R + Z + Z + enter (rotate on the local z-axis).

Shift + mouse movements while doing a transformation = finer definition.
CTRL + mouse movements: snap to grid.
Numeric entries are possible: with object selected, press r to rotate, and type 90 to rotate 90°.

  • Shortcut to toggle between object and edit mode: tab
  • Vertexes, edges, faces
  • Transforms work the same with vertexes, edges and faces as with entire 3D objects
  • Use proportional editing for smooth changes to a 3D model: shortcut o + scroll to adjust the influence.
Shortcut Fuction
A Select all
Alt + A Deselect all
Cmd + I Invert selection

In edit mode:

Shortcut Fuction
L Select linked
Double click between vertices Select edge loop
Select first vertex, then cmd + select second vertex  Select shortest path

Using solid shading: selection only on the front of the object.
In wireframe mode: selection through object.

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