Welcome to the 3D-print and -scan lab of the School of Arts Ghent
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Notice to students: we'll try to include every project but if the preparation takes longer than an hour we'll have to plan according to the current situation.

A series of objects that will be analyzed by an AI. A project by Jerry Galle
Tiny connector test pieces by Beata Kwaśnica
Using 3D printed fixtures, small series are possible. The blocks are made from acrylic slabs from Abet Laminati. Product name is PRal.
Material experiments for light design by Vincent Rennie
A textured tile by Keenan Van Looveren
Stone-like objects sculpted by Emma Van Den Berghe
Sisyphus Happy is a robot that carefully vandalises car parts
A tiny 3D-printed spur gear
A test print on the plaster powder printer Projet 660
A mold pattern for a clay tablet map by Mats Wosky
Johannes Obers printed a pipe with a custom extruded filament where uncoloured PLA granulate was mixed with cigarette ashes
Tiny parts for a vinyl record cutter by Kris Catteau
Printing with leftover bits of filament creates a chaotic multicolored object
A quick & dirty rigging method to animate 3D scans here
Three bio pigment samples. The rightmost one is made with a regular pigmented filament. This is a collaboration with Maria Boto from the bio-color lab. Currently on display at the "Kleureyck Van Eyck’s Colours in Design" exibition in Design Museum Ghent.
An experiment to make the robot arm collect scattered objects on the floor.
Archangel Michael slaying satan, remixed by Sasha Verleyen
Relief sculpture by Kamiel De Waal
Footware design samples by Catherine Willems and Aisha Kuijk
Leonie Montjarret - speculative plant experiments
Resting Pad (for putting on shoes) - Maya Onzia
Hybrid object by Pepa Ivanova with human hair infused PLA
Ventrilio - Jerry Galle
Shifted layers - PLA-textile sandwich - Giovanni Franzini
Collage by Kamiel De Waal
3D printed textile experiment by Giovanni Franzoni.
Assembled tuning mechanism for a mandolin, by Mattias Wielfaert.
Pepa Ivanova printed a thin landscape-like membrane in UV-sensitive material. If she points a UV torch at the object, it quickly turns a bright pink. For a picture of the print in bright sunlight, check Instragram #formlab_ghent.
A collet made on a resin printer turns a vinyl cutter into a pen plotter.
A first test-print with beeswax. At 30°C the wax is a paste that extrudes cleanly, but the layers don't stick to each other. When heating the wax higher the layers stick well, but the extrusion becomes unreliable.
A scanned wine branch by Kris Catteau.
New work in the Fraktur series in progress. By Jonas Dehnen
Testing 3D printed reference target-spheres for terrestrial LiDar scanning.
Kris Catteau doesn't want do drum anymore. He's automating his set with solenoids.
Tessa Langeveld 3D-printed a sheet of paper. http://tessalangeveld.blogspot.com/