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Notice to students: we'll try to include every project but if the preparation takes longer than an hour we'll have to plan according to the current situation.

A digital rag in preparation for Max's travels. maxpinckers.be
Key cutouts for Benjamin Maertens' replica of a 17 century clarinette
Chris Houben in the bag!
Another element in Jonas Dehnen's Fraktur series. www.jonasdehnen.com
Architectural model for the research project of Jo Boonen.
Bilal makes a dome to protect his sculpture.
The toolpaths for a new work in the Fraktur-series by Jonas Dehnen.
Testing out the filament extruder.
Instrument builder Jan Verstraete printed this head as a study for a viola da gamba.
The second slice of the 'Ressurrected Object' installation is ready for 3D printing.
Model by Vincent Impens
The toes of Rienke Mornie
Detail of a scultpure by Hilde Onis after flocking.
Floor De Width tries on her gostly gasmask.
Vase and Kamiel De Waal
Hilde Onis is on the final stretch in completing her pink super-dorito.
Mathias Vincent gives his work a yellow touch.
This project is an examination of different aesthetic and material ways to play with letterpress printing techniques of fraktur typefaces. This particular piece is in aluminium, and is a sculptural variation on typical letterpress printing blocks. The motif is composed of rows of the 'ch' letter. www.jonasdehnen.com
Laura Vandenbroucke's thermoform test.
Ressurected Object, by Jerry Galle is exhibited at the Design Museum in Ghent for the exhibition "Fibre-Fixed" (until April 21st 2019).
LouLou Jaoo Da Costa cuts out drawings in wood for her sculptural paintings.
Lieven Bauwens in scaffolding. A print of Daniel García Andújar for his exhibition at KIOSK: Plus Ultra.
The mighty sword of the Holy Roman Emperor. A print of Daniel García Andújar for his exhibition at KIOSK: Plus Ultra
A naked Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor. Printed in preparation for a show of Daniel García Andújar at KIOSK: Plus Ultra. The show opens Friday 21st of September 2018 at 7pm.
Pepa Ivanova on a quest to uglify 3D print aesthetics.
Fashion students made some thermoforming tests with flexible sheets
Here are some new children in Janne Claes's experimental marzipan family.
Thanks to Edwin Carels, the Fallen astronaut by Paul Van Hoeydonck had a chance to carefully study the Formlab made moon regolith at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam.
Jerry Galle took some calibration-prints home from Formlab. He showed them to his AI script and asked it to write a description of them. Read the results on his webpage.
Janne Claes started her first experiments with edible objects. This marzipan print failed, giving the object a textile-like appearance. www.janneclaes.com
Jo Boonen printed models of high-rise sites in Ghent for his research BLOK.
Régis Dragonetti wrote a nice introductory text about the formlab. It appeared in the publication 'Onrust', but is online too (in Dutch).
Thomas Willemen uses the vacuum form machine to shrink a plastic membrane around a cube frame.
Jerry Galle's 3D printed sculptures are still a few days on display in the 'Volatile Truths' exhibition at Rainbow Unicorn in Berlin.
Lukas Haanoule worked on some experiments with found objects and purpose made moulds.